(Wicken Racing and Machine)


Welcome to W.R.M.

WRM was officially founded when I was looking for a way to attract sponsors for my racing, MOPAR parts and help launch my machine shop.

Drag Racer: I have been Drag Racing for 34 years and come from a big Drag Racing Family. I started out at the age of 16 taking my uncle’s truck down the track and was hooked.

Machinist: I have been an Machinist for 32 years.  I have a Bridgeport Mill in my shop at home.  I was finding, as I was building my race car, that there were many parts that I was having difficulty finding or that needed modifying to fit my specific needs or were not to the quality I was looking for.  So I set out to fabricate some of my own parts and over the years I have found people with the same problems I had locating parts so I expanded my list of items I fabricate on my mill.

MOPAR Parts Sales: I have owned, bought and traded parts for the several MOPAR vehicles I have owned in the past 30 years and I was running out of room for all of my unused parts. I then decided to start selling some of my un-utilized spare parts.

For a list of my current parts for sale please see my Parts for Sales page.

History of my 1972 Cuda:

Currently I drive a 1972 Cuda that I built myself.

In 1998 I donated my Cuda to the BASF Training Center in Fife Washington to provide students a car to practice painting applications of their automotive Finishing Paint. (see picture to right)

In 1999 I rebuilt my 440 engine with stage 5 heads. This motor was retired the end of the 2003 race season. This motor had 532 runs on the motor before I retired it.

In spring of 2004 we refreshed a 383 truck two barrel motor that I built back in 1994 that had never been run. This is the motor we ran for the entire 2004-2006 season. (see picture at top of page).

In 2008 we decided to upgrade the chassis and rear suspension. This entailed taking the Cuda to Wicked FabWorks in Kelso WA. Where Darren Wicken and I completely gutted and stripped the back half of the Cuda, designed, fabricated and installed a modified chassis, roll cage, frame and a new four-link suspension system.

In 2009 we took the Cuda to Ryan Butler Fabrication to have the sheet metal tin work custom fit and formed as well as fabricated a new rear valance and a custom made forward driveline loop. Ryan was a phenomenal young name appropriately nicknamed “The Metal Man” and will be greatly missed.

Once back in my own shop I used my machining skills to design and manufacture a battery hold down bracket assembly, fuel and brake line clamps, fuel cell straps, trunk hinges, seat mount brackets, etc... I also designed, routed, and installed a new fuel system, and re-routed and rewired the electrical system.

1972 Cuda Drag Racing Statistics:

440- ET 12.25 @ 110 MPH first day (April 1994)
440- ET 10.44 @ 129 MPH best run to date (October 2003)
383- ET 11.29 @ 119 MPH best run to date (April 2012)

Thanks to those who have supported our racing program with their various knowledge and expertise.


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